Little Style Icons: Colourful World of Kidswear and Accessories in Hong Kong

Published 07 May 2023 at 13:00

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Little Style Icons: Colourful World of Kidswear and Accessories in Hong Kong

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye, so no wonder that it is challenging for parents to keep up with children’s constantly evolving and changing needs when it comes to clothing. Luckily, Hong Kong offers a variety of options for parents looking to dress their little ones in both style and comfort. TickiKids has done some digging and selected top boutiques with the most fashionable, comfortable clothing brands and designs for every occasion. So, keep reading and explore the colourful world of kidswear and accessories in Hong Kong, with options ranging from soft fabrics for newborns to breathable outfits for active toddlers to classic pieces and trendy designs.


Image Credit: Qipology

As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to find stylish and sustainable yet traditional clothing options for your little bundle of joy. Recognising the challenges of finding the perfect qipaos and Tang suits for youngsters, Julie Liu started Qipology, a boutique specialising in modern traditional Chinese clothing that is stylish, but, most importantly, comfortable and practical.

With Qipology’s collection, say goodbye to boring and uninspired looks and dress up for a family occasion or cool family photos you will cherish for years to come! Matching outfits with your kids has never been so easy: choose your family colour palette and style and select from different types of fabric, which range from cotton and denim to velvet and silk, and pick a perfect outfit for you and your mini-me. If you would like to make some additions to your family's attire, go for even more colour and texture with matching Tang jackets, finished with elegant pankou buttons and convenient exterior pockets. Qipology's attention to detail and high-quality materials ensure that your and your children's clothes will last for a long time, allowing your family to enjoy their favourite outfits over and over again.

If you are looking for the perfect Mommy and Me style to make a statement, check out Qipology’s stunning China Doll Kids Qipao dress for your little princess and matching Bicolor Tweed Tang Jacket for a mommy. And for a more casual look, do not miss trendy Denim Tang Vests and Denim Qipao dresses that are perfect for a mother-and-daughter day out. 

Effortlessly breeze through your shopping experience with Qipology’s intuitive website and speedy shipping options. What is more, enjoy the added convenience of free shipping within Hong Kong and China.

Mobile: +852 6061 4074


Location: H310, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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Image Credit: MiliMilu

MiliMilu, a leading brand in sustainable fashion in Hong Kong, offers a delightful range of eco-friendly and stylish clothing designed specially for children. With MiliMilu, you can dress your children in garments that not only make them look adorable but also contribute to a healthier planet and a brighter future.

With a focus on delivering the highest quality and promoting sustainability and ethical production, MiliMilu handpicked sustainable and sophisticated fashion for babies, toddlers, kids and teens, and even stylish mommy-and-me ensembles. Whether it is for everyday wear or special occasions, MiliMilu prides themselves on imaginative prints, vibrant colours and unique designs that cater for all tastes and trends.

Children's clothing needs to withstand the active adventures and playful moments of childhood. MiliMilu understands this, which is why their garments are designed with durability and practicality in mind. Every stitch and detail is carefully considered to ensure that the clothing can endure frequent washes, outdoor exploration, and countless adventures. With a keen eye for quality, MiliMilu pieces not only are made solely from organic materials but also are allergen-free, soft and gentle on children’s delicate skin.

Embrace the essence of sustainable fashion and check out MiliMilu’s captivating and stylish collection of garments.

Shop at: MiliMilu


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