The Best Martial Arts Classes for Kids & Teens in Hong Kong

Published 14 August 2023 at 13:00

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The Best Martial Arts Classes for Kids & Teens in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling city that is in an abundance of activities for children and teenagers. While some children enjoy playing sports, learning to code or engaging in creative arts, others may be interested in learning something that combines both physical skills and mental development. That said, there is no surprise that martial arts classes are increasingly popular among youngsters. With numerous martial arts styles and schools available, selecting the perfect martial classes for your little one is not an easy task. TickiKids has dived into the vast variety of martial arts classes available for kids and teens in Hong Kong and here are our top picks.

Mindful Wing Chun

Video Credit: Mindful Wing Chun 

Located in the bustling heart of Hong Kong, Mindful Wing Chun stands out as a full-time Wing Chun school. Having devoted their lives to the art, Mindful Wing Chun's passionate teachers possess an impressive collective experience of over half a century. Furthermore, what sets Mindful Wing Chun apart is their exceptional “internal” style of Wing Chun, which was pioneered by the legendary Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin. He was widely regarded as one of the most adept practitioners and mentors of this revered martial art.

Mindful Wing Chun Kids Kung Fu classes cater to kids from 3 years old to teenagers and offer a unique approach to martial arts that goes far beyond physical training. At Mindful Wing Chun, each class is designed to promote discipline, correct posture, coordination, balance, and self-defence, while also prioritizing fun, confidence, and emotional well-being. Before every class, children recite the Mindful Wing Chun mantra, which emphasizes respectful behaviour, compassionate communication, persistence, focus, self-awareness, and integrity. These values are integrated into every aspect of teaching, creating a holistic approach to martial arts and helping kids develop not just their physical skills but also their emotional intelligence.

If you are still undecided about whether to enrol your child in our Mindful Wing Chun Kids Kung Fu classes, their trial lessons provide a risk-free way to experience the benefits of the program and make an informed decision.

Age: 3+

WhatsApp: +852 6620 7050

Location: 8/F On Lan Centre, 11-15 On Lan St, Central, Hong Kong

Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

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Image Credit: KYUNGHEEHK

KYUNGHEEHK, the premier Taekwondo School in Hong Kong, deeply believes that learning is a journey of inspiration and creativity.

Dedicated to guiding students towards their goals, both on and off the mat, KYUNGHEEHK inspires children to unlock their potential, build confidence, and develop invaluable life skills. Through the practice of Taekwondo, KYUNGHEEHK teachers foster an environment that encourages personal growth, discipline, and respect. Whether your child is a beginner taking their first steps or an experienced practitioner seeking to refine their skills, KYUNGHEEHK has a wide selection of courses tailored to suit your child’s needs.

For toddlers, Taekwondo classes are designed to let children play and learn the fundamentals. By integrating playfulness into toddlers’ curriculum, KYUNGHEEHK instructors create a joyful and engaging atmosphere where young children can develop their physical abilities, social skills, and self-discipline.

Beyond the early years, Taekwondo offers a wide range of experiences for children aged 6-11 and teens. From self-defence techniques to building perseverance, focus, and confidence, the program is curated to empower your child on multiple levels. Each class is thoughtfully crafted to provide a fun and varied learning experience, keeping your child engaged and excited to continue their journey in Taekwondo.

The KYUNGHEEHK esteemed Head Master, Master Lee Chae Hwa, is a beacon of excellence in the martial arts community. With a 5th Degree Black Belt certified by Kukkiwon and a Taekwondo Instructor certificate, his expertise and extensive teaching experience are unmatched.

No matter the age or skill level, KYUNGHEEHK is here to support your little one every step of the way.

Age: 3+

Contact Details: +852 5113 4536

Address: Unit 11, 3/F, Telford House, No.16, Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Socials: Facebook.

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Core Combat Hong Kong

Image Credit: Core Combat Hong Kong

Core Combat is a self-defense and combative martial arts system, combining elements of practices with deep historical and cultural roots that focus on physical techniques and strategies for combat, self-defense, physical fitness, and personal development. The system can trace its roots back to the legendary martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee. With a global network that extends across more than 10 global destinations, Core Combat Hong Kong is led by Henry Yeung, a representative instructor with over 15 years of martial arts experience.

Core Combat Hong Kong’ curriculum incorporates effective, real world proven styles such as Combat Submission Wrestling, Jeet Kuen Do, Filipino Martial Arts and KickBoxing. Whatever your background and fitness level, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive training programme that caters your individual requirements. The main objective is to foster a wholesome way of living while also empowering you with self-defense skills.

Skillful instructors - Henry Yeung and Alex Lee - possess a unique blend of expertise, patience, and dedication. They are not only adept at demonstrating techniques and forms but also excel in imparting the deeper philosophies and values that martial arts embody. Their ability to tailor instruction to individual learning styles and physical abilities allows students to progress effectively.

At Core Combat Hong Kong you can choose from a wide range of martial arts classes.

Savate-Thai Cross Training (STX-Kickboxing) is a hybrid striking system which focuses on explosive techniques in Boxing, PPanantukan Jun Fan/JKD Kickboxing, Savate, and MuayThai (Thai & Dutch methods). In STX Kickboxing, students will learn a blend of elbows, punches and knees from each art. These skills are easily translated in MMA, kickboxing, and self-defense situations.

Jun Fan Gung Fu is a martial arts philosophy and fighting style that was developed by the legendary Bruce Lee. The term "Jun Fan" is Bruce Lee's Chinese given name. "Gung Fu" means skill acquired through time and effort. Jun Fan Gung Fu is characterized by its pragmatic and flexible approach to fighting, emphasizing directness, simplicity, and efficiency. This style incorporates techniques from various martial arts disciplines, including Wing Chun, boxing, fencing, and more. It is not a fixed or rigid system, but rather a philosophy that encourages students to adapt and evolve their skills based on their own experiences and needs.

Combat Submission Wrestling blends Judo, Freestyle Wrestling, and Greco-Roman Wrestling with techniques and submissions from SShoot Wrestling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, and CCatch As Catch Can CSW trains the individual to strike, clinch, takedown, and submit on the ground in either a sport, mixed martial art, or self-defense environment.

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA-Kali) encompasses an entire spectrum of weaponry and also features sophisticated empty hands including boxing, trapping, and grappling. FMA teaches both weaponry and empty hands together because the principles are common to both and are interchangeable. FMA techniques are known for their fluid and adaptable nature. Practitioners are trained to seamlessly transition between armed and unarmed combat, allowing them to respond to various situations.


+ 60111525.

Location: Flat 602, 6/F, Texaco Road Industrial Centre Block B, Wang Lung St, Tsuen Wan.

Socials: Facebook

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Karate Nation

Image Credit: Karate Nation

At Karate Nation martial arts and life skills come together in perfect harmony. Founded by Cyril Martins, a skilled and experienced Karateka, this school is dedicated to helping students develop discipline, emotional intelligence, and values essential for leading a healthy and balanced life. Cyril's journey in Karate began in France in 2011, where he trained under the guidance of Sensei Tan Soo Lin (5th DAN JKA). Through relentless effort and commitment, he earned his Black Belt and 3rd DAN JKA within just four years. A recipient of seven awards in Kata and Kumite, Cyril also represented Singapore at the Japan Karate Association World Championship. With over six years of coaching experience, he now leads Karate Nation with passion and expertise.

For those who prefer to train from the comfort of their own homes, Karate Nation offers online courses with live-streaming classes conducted by experienced coaches. Choose from one-to-one sessions or join a group or family session, and take your Karate journey to the next level! Coaches of the school conduct live online classes streaming every day. And new and existing students are welcome to join them!

Age: 2+

Contacts:, +65 9107 0360

Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

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