The Shops for Babies and Mums-to-Be in Hong Kong All Parents Will Love

Published 03 October 2020 at 21:36

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The Shops for Babies and Mums-to-Be in Hong Kong All Parents Will Love

It is so easy to get lost in the sea of baby’s goods! Also, new parents can barely resist the desire to ransack all baby shops in the neighbourhood and end up with piles of clothes that the baby never wore because she grew out of it. To save time and, what is more important, the budget of new parents, we have rounded up some of the top shops for baby essentials and accessories in Hong Kong. Our selection bases on several points: quality of materials, sustainability, pricing, and safety of the goods.

Babble by Milky Mama

Milky Mama is a one-stop-shop for pregnant mums and babies that offers a wide range of high-quality maternity and nursing wear.

When it comes to the quality of the products aimed for babies and mums-to-be, it cannot be compromised. Babble, a sub-brand of Milky Mama, specialises in the top-quality baby clothing and products to make sure that parents can focus on the quality time with their little tots instead of wandering around shops in search of non-sensitising cream or clothes.

Babble offers lovely, cosy outfits for your bundles of joy and for future mums. The softest towels and blankets will create warm, comfy surroundings for your little one. And here you will find everything you need for feeding and cleaning.

And as the quality of Korean products is well-known all over the world, no wonder that Babble provides products of the renowned Korean baby brands including Baby&I (Premium baby products), Merebe (Premium Baby Clothing), and BabyBoom (Daily Baby Clothing). All products are available on the website and HKTVMall.

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Cotton Pigs

Cotton Pigs is the first reversible organic clothing line designed in Hong Kong. Its collection offers reversible designs made from sustainable GOTS-certified organic cotton to help you put together cute, easy-to-wear outfits for your baby. Inspired by travelling light with her baby daughter, Stephanie envisioned a brand that celebrated her love for reversible, sustainable, and organic babywear.

The Cotton Pigs collection is designed for the urban parent, traveller, go-getter, and fashionista, who enjoys having a minimalistic wardrobe for their baby.

Sustainability is a core vision and with their reversible outfits, you can create more looks with fewer items to buy and wash. Our readers are also able to enjoy 10% off their first purchase with a discount code TICKIKIDS10. If you are looking to delight your fellow soon-to-be or new parents, Cotton Pigs also offers great gift sets and gift cards. Plus, you can count on free delivery options with complimentary gift wrapping services.

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Baa Baa Sheepz HK with Bed-Time Buddy™

As it often happens, Baa Baa Sheepz was born together with the daughter of Abby, founder of the brand, 13 years ago. She came into a problem of super sensitive baby skin and the search for a solution resulted in Baa Baa Sheepz. It is OEKO – TEX 100 certified collection of products mainly made of bamboo fibre. Why bamboo? This fibre is well-known for breathability and coolness, it absorbs and evaporates moistures instantly, extremely soft to touch, and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Babies are stern judges when it comes to comfort. The comfier, the better! And clothes made of this eco- and baby-friendly material work supremely well to improve the quality of baby sleep. New parents duly appreciate Baa Baa Sheepz products because they help babies sleep longer and better.

Bed-Time Buddy™ brings comfort to another level: it is the best bed companion suitable for all ages. Perfect for hugging, grasping, touching, Bed-Time Buddy™ helps babies to ease anxiety, soothes, and calms them. It is made of OEKO tested and certified materials, meaning that they are free from any harmful chemical substances. Even adults can enjoy the comfort of Bed Time Buddies™ as the collection offers Buddies in many different sizes!

Baa Baa Sheepz also offers a range of other baby and toddler sleepwear and accessories from rompers, blankets, sleepbags to hats, mittens, and booties.

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