Main Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Martial Arts

Published 01 April 2021 at 16:01

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Main Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Martial Arts

Many worried parents think that martial arts are all about yelling, kicking, and breaking wooden boards into pieces. They are afraid of the social bias that this activity encourages aggression and violence. However, when you take a closer look, it becomes clear that traditional martial arts are, in fact, peaceful. And “arts” in the name stands for a reason as there are so many connections to dancing and performing!

Usually, we tend to think about martial arts as an efficient tool of self-defense. However, they can give your kids so much more than just the ability to stand up for themselves! One of the bright examples is a study of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that showed how martial arts can help children who were subject to bullying. 10-week martial arts program managed to significantly boost self-efficacy in academic, social, and emotional spheres of kids.

More than that, martial arts are considered to be the best sports activity for kids who learn and think differently. For example, one of the recent researches on the impact of Taekwondo on kids with ASD, ADHD, and Down Syndrome has shown that Taekwondo improves balance, lower extremity strength, and even boosts communication skills.

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What are the most popular martial arts you can choose from?

IKMF Krav Maga 

Initially a fighting, self-defense, and tactical system of the Israeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga became the perfect self-defense martial art for people of all ages. It is an efficient reality-based self-defense system that has a plethora of benefits from working out to stress reduction. Krav Maga teaches students how to react in real-world situations, how to use surroundings, and improvise.

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One of the best places to learn Krav Maga in Hong Kong is International Krav Maga Federation. It is the original and most veteran Krav-Maga organization in the world, yet, it keeps evolving the system and adjusting its techniques to the constantly changing threats of the world.
Here, well-thought-out self-defense techniques fully correspond to the age, mental and physical abilities of kids. Children are taught how to recognize common threats like bullies and kidnappers with help of training programs and games/fun-based activities.

International Krav Maga Federation has the best team of top-level instructors: they have many years of experience in teaching Krav Maga as well as a wealth of experience in other self-defense techniques. More than that, they know how to reach out to every student and make sure that during the classes students feel supportive and welcoming atmosphere. 

Contacts: tel. (+852) 5987-4565,

Tsim Sha Tsui
Cheuk Nang Centre, 16/FL 9 Hillwood Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Sheung Wan
14/Fl, Connaught Harbourfront House, 35-36 Connaught Rd West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


Tsim Sha Tsui Hours: 

  • Mondays 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM;
  • Fridays 6:00 PM – 7 PM;

Sheung Wan Hours:

  • Saturday 10:00AM – 11:00AM.
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The main creed of karate is to never attack first. Sounds strange to those who think that martial arts are all about violence, right? Still, karate focuses on defense and counterattacks showing kids the importance of respecting the opponents and knowing how to use all possibilities of your own body.


This kind of martial arts does not use weapons, kicks, or punches to fight the opponent. Instead, students will learn how to subdue the opponent using force and gentleness. Judo emphasizes improving the overall physical condition and flexibility of the student.


This kind of martial arts is often compared with dances and acrobatics. It is very fast-paced and shows efficient self-defense techniques for kids of all sizes and ages.


It is another martial arts discipline that teaches kids that it is better to be a peacekeeper rather than an aggressor. It is considered to be one of the oldest martial arts in history reaching back over 2,000 years.

Kung Fu

This discipline is often compared with traditional Chinese dances for a reason. There are so many similar moves and philosophies behind every move and position! It is one of the most complex styles of martial arts and each lesson here focuses not just on physical but on mental development also.

What are the benefits of martial arts training for children?


A dojo is a place that calls for respect, honor, and self-restraint. Every class starts with a signature move – a bow to the instructor and classmates. Showing honor and respect in such a way gives tone to the very atmosphere of the class. Kids immediately understand the necessity of respect and obedience to the instructor and many parents notice that kids change their attitude to elders at home too.

Knowledge of Basic Self-Defense

Any parent wants his kid to experience the scenario where self-defense is needed. However, let’s face this, this skill is lifesaving and anyone should know the basics. Martial arts give children a solid possibility to protect themselves in different situations. Knowledgeable instructors always discuss the necessity of being aware of their surroundings and the people around them. And all martial arts focus more on self-defense rather than self-promotion.


Martial arts have a clear and comprehensible system of ranking that sets measurable personal goals. That encourages kids to go all out and strive for the next level. Children train with their peers in a competitive, yet friendly atmosphere and that helps them to work harder and push themselves beyond their limits.


Martial arts boost kids’ motor skills. Different moves, punching, jumping, kicking and fast changes of poses and directions constantly improve kids’ balance and coordination so children learn how to get the most out of their strength, flexibility, and reactions.


One of the most important skills that kids receive in the dojo is concentration. The ability to focus on the opponent’s actions, active listening and observation of the instructor’s explanations are some of the keys to success, and children quickly learn that they won’t succeed if they do not listen and focus.

Positive impact on health

Even slow moves in martial arts require a lot of stamina and physical strength to be performed properly, let alone such fast disciplines like capoeira! At the martial arts classes, kids get more than enough physical activities so they can transfer their energy more constructively. It is the perfect obesity prevention and it improves kids’ overall physical condition.

And, another score for martial arts is that they can drag kids away from the screen. It is much more interesting to be a Karate kid than play a video game about martial arts!

Ability to overcome challenges

Martial arts classes teach children to avoid problems, when possible, and face them when needed. Every new move or combination, every new rank is a goal that kids have to achieve and it is a great way to improve dedication.

Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

It is said that the only person to compete against in martial arts is yourself. So, here much prominence is given to self-improvement and kids become self-confident due to steady growth of skills. They become proud of their accomplishments as steady regular training inevitably leads to new levels in rankings.

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Choosing the right club

There are plenty of places where your kid can attend pro martial arts classes. However, as a parent, you should choose the club carefully.

  • Firstly, decide upon the appropriate style with your kid.
  • Secondly, check the facilities of the clubs where you find classes of the chosen style. It has to be a clean and safe place with up-to-date
  • Next, search for a possibility to see the instructor in action before signing up. Sometimes, a high rank does not mean that the rank holder is a great instructor.
  • Finally, find out how many students of advanced level the club has as it is a great sign that your kid can also learn a lot.

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