Fall 2021 Classes

Fall 2021 Classes

Are you searching structural program to learn STEM, AI, coding, and robotics?


  • Technology is the trend, and kids have to develop core knowledge on technology with a structural curriculum.
  • Kids are interested in coding and can learn from our engineering experts. 
  • Our students are creative and able to adapt to the fast changing environment.

Our Teaching Method:

Our curriculum can broaden children’s horizons, motivate and inspire students to become global problem solvers. Students build the core knowledge of STEM via different projects and build and present their own inventions after each course.​

This is how we teach:

  • EMPATHY: Show a global problem, motivate and encourage kids’ curiosity to brainstorm for solutions. Students will understand the mission behind each project. 
  • KNOWLEDGE:  Students learn basic knowledge about science, electronics, coding, and/or robotics.
  • BUILD: Build the prototype.
  • SHARE: Share and get feedback to keep improving.

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1 September - 25 December, See the website for the opening hours.



Telephone number

+(852) 3914 5257



Hong Kong
Main Office Lakeside 2, S043, W2, 10 Science Park W Ave, Science Park, Hong Kong