City Kids Preschool & Playgroup

City Kids Preschool & Playgroup

City Kids was established in 1984. Their educational philosophy is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) and incorporates 7 key areas of learning.


Through play, children feel confident to behave in many different ways, experiment with their physical, emotional and cognitive selves and develop their imagination and creativity. This curriculum guides adults to understand and support each child's development pathway. With progression to the older preschool class, the curriculum becomes more structured, preparing children for entry into primary school. The children’s play becomes more rule-oriented and develops autonomy and cooperation.

From playgroup through to preschool, children are encouraged to explore at their own pace, to make their own choices and discoveries and to develop a lifelong love for learning. They value the precious time of childhood and believe that children who have the opportunity to develop strong self-concepts and social and emotional skills are most successful both in school and later in life. Teachers, children, and parents all play important roles in the educational process.     

Children leave them as confident achievers, well prepared to tackle the next steps in their education.


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