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Fall 2020: August 31-December 14

Fall 2020: August 31-December 14

During the school term, Elephant Community Press offers classes on a weekly basis. Given the current situation, all of the classes will begin online, with the class size limited to 6 students. We know that many parents prefer in-person classes and have designed the schedule with the hopes of resuming in-person classes when it is safe to do so.

At the same time, we have had very positive feedback from students and parents who have experienced our online workshops over the past eight months and appreciate the convenience and opportunity to have classmates from beyond Hong Kong. So, we will be offering select workshops that will run completely online.

ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS: From the experience, students in the online creative writing and publishing workshops benefit greatly from 30-min one-on-one sessions with the teacher to support the revising process because of the shortened class time online. These one-on-one sessions will be scheduled individually with the teacher and charged separately ($350/class). The frequency of the one-on-one sessions will vary based on age:

  • Ages 6-8: 5 per term (once every 2-3 weeks)
  • Ages 8-10: 4 per term (once every 3 weeks)
  • Ages 10+: 3 per term (once every 4 weeks)

The one-on-one sessions will continue for as long as the course runs online. For classes that resume the in-person format of 1.5 hours/class, the teacher will conference with the students within the longer group sessions.

Online Short Workshops

Our online short workshops are conducted in LIVE sessions so our teachers can provide support and guidance to every student, and students can collaborate and discuss ideas with peers. Depending on the age group, students complete the writing by handwriting on printed worksheets or typing on Google Docs where teachers can monitor and give immediate feedback. This Fall, we are offering short workshops on a weekly basis that run for 6-8 weeks, with workshops starting at various times over the term.

For our online creative writing and publishing workshops, the workshops are structured as a series of group sessions, followed by a one-on-one session for each student so teachers can provide additional support on the revision process. In the schedule below, the courses marked with an asterisk (*) will have a 30-min one-on-one session to be scheduled after the group sessions.

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4–10, 12–17


Fee from (Online): 250 HKD ( )
Fee from (In person): 375 HKD



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