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5-Step Blueprint for Future Leaders (ages 13-17)

5-Step Blueprint for Future Leaders (ages 13-17)

Young adults, ages 13 to 17, can participate in The Etiquette & Leadership Institute's special course designed for teens. 


Ms. Bernice Lee, Hong Kong's Trusted Etiquette Expert, will help your child build confidence and self-esteem by teaching them how to interact with other people with maturity, respect and consideration:

  • Dining etiquette, including placing orders with the server, navigating place settings, correct handling of utensils, napkin use, rules for eating bread and soup, and how to confidently handle dining mishaps
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Mealtime Behavior
  • Introducing Yourself & Others
  • Confident Body Language and Deportment
  • Start to Develop Vocal Presence
  • Appropriate Conversations at the Table
  • Social Media etiquette
  • Email and phone communication manners
  • This modern etiquette class will also cover social media, email and phone communications
  • It will also cover event-specific etiquette (family parties, weddings, etc)

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Fee: 1200 HKD

Telephone number

+(852) 6624 3277



Hong Kong
Shop 101-3, 1/F., Lee Gardens, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong