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FlexKids/FlexTeen Winter Term 2020

FlexKids/FlexTeen Winter Term 2020

From 8 January to 28 March, Flex will be welcoming kids and teens for a whole term of Pilates and Aerial!



There is no more effective and fast way for teens to get a head start on finding (and keeping) proper posture and alignment, flexibility, improved balance, and core strength. Classes start with basic mat exercises using small props which is both fun and challenging. The group later moves on to our state-of-the-art Pilates Allegro equipment using light spring resistance for greater control. Kids love it - and their bodies will too!


It’s time to fly! Join our vibrant AntiGravity® team at Flex for the most comprehensive, inspiring and professional Aerial for kids of all ages! What kid doesn’t want to spin, fly and laugh themselves to better health and fitness?

  • AntiGravity Yoga - poses reinvented in the soft yet super strong fabric. Challenges the entire body before relaxation in suspended bliss.
  • AntiGravity Suspension Fitness - greatly improves core strength and shoulder stability. An ideal complement to sports or other physical activities.
  • AntiGravity Aerial Performance (11+) - builds every week to finish with a creative and inspiring performance routine! Their very own Cirque Du Soleil!
  • AntiGravity Just Kids (6-8) - Little ones discover the healthy wonders of the hammock with this ideal Intro course.

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