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Glass Blowing - Сup making Workshop

Glass Blowing - Сup making Workshop

Glass, as a supercooled liquid, is a fascinating material to work with and it creates glamorous objects by an unique and traditional method, glass blowing.


Despite its technically challenging nature, it gives you an incredible experience in blowing, shaping and also customizing your unique glass object by different colours, patterns, textures created with your own hands.

In our workshops, we will provide one on one glass blowing tutorial (Cantonese/ English) for you to have a basic understanding of tools, techniques and of course safety in the hotshop. Under the guidance of our tutors, you’re going to have an extraordinary experience in creating your own piece in glass.

Participants should be 5 year-old or above.

Date available for booking:

  • 23, 24 February
  • 2,3, 9,10 March

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