GMF Sports Academy

GMF Sports Academy is a professional sports academy comprising of a team full of enthusiasm for sports education, with a special focus on basketball. 


We provide comprehensive sports training in a controlled and safe venue at the schools that we have partnered with. These school partnerships allow us to offer regular and consistent practice times. 

In addition, we provide intensive training programs for those who want to participate in more a rigorous practice regime, whether it is for recreational reasons, competition preparation or aiming to achieve a better-self. 

We understand everyone learns in different way, which is why we offer a diverse group of coaches with distinct teaching styles. We are a dedicated team who strives for a common goal - getting better at every aspect.

We believe in teamwork, respect, motivation, hardwork and humility. We hope to implement these values into your children’s daily lives and contribute to their overall growth. 


Image Credit: GMF Sports Academy

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 09:00–17:00.


+(852) 3996 8912



Hong Kong
Assun Pacific Centre, 41 Tsun Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong