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Happy Lemon Tutors Courses

Happy Lemon Tutors Courses

Discover the joys of learning English with a Native English Teacher! Happy Lemon Tutors is dedicated to bringing you the very best learning experience in Hong Kong!


Our teachers are allworking very hard to boost your child’s knowledge and improve their lives! 
Oral English with a native English Teacher is easy! We want to build the confidence of our students! Skyrocket your children’s speaking skills and see them shine! The results will be clear to hear and see!
Learning phonics with a Native English Teacher at an early age is the most effective way to learn the best pronunciation!

Why not combine these classes with STEM classes? We can do it! Half of the class can focus on phonics and learning to read, the other half can be learning the effects of gravity in a STEM class!
Happy Lemon Tutors provides private classes at your home anytime of the day (Monday - Saturday).

Now we have Online Classes! Happy Lemon Tutors gives you that very same experience you have become accustom to ONLINE.


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Private Classes with LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT (depending on your location), per hour: 400 HKD
Private Classes at your home (depending on your location), per hour: 400 HKD
Private Online Classes,per hour: 250 HKD

Telephone number

+(852) 9882 5980 (Eng),
+(852) 9102 2811 (中文)



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