HK Fencing Master

HK Fencing Master

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The HK Fencing Master believe that the values and ethics instilled through fencing will lead your kids and yourself not only excel in the sport but also in life.

All parents want to give their children every advantage in life they can afford. Families love fencing because it can help a child build their strength on so many levels.  How many sports do you know of that can give your child a physical and mental challenge while building their confidence, social skills, and academic future? Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?  But this is exactly what fencing can do for your children.
With its rapid footwork and thrusting, your child will get a high-impact aerobic workout.  

He or she will build stamina, strength, and coordination. The HK Fencing Master like to think of fencing as a type of dance because they use the same sort of skill set – understanding timing, tempo, measure and velocity.
Likewise, in the dance of fencing, the student has to develop a sense of body awareness, not only knowing how their own body is positioned, but how they are positioned in relation to his or her opponent.  This body awareness is something that transcends beyond fencing – it’s a huge part of healthy living!  

The HK Fencing Masters encourage all students to be aware of one’s body and the awesome machine that it is; adopting healthy attitudes and eating habits.  Fencing will instil in your child the idea of treating their body as an instrument and a temple … and taking care of it!


Image Credit: HK Fencing Master


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