Hong Kong Institute of Languages

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

Since 1985, the Hong Kong Institute of Languages has been at the forefront in teaching foreign languages to both adults and children. 


With their vast teaching experience they have enriched the lives of literally thousands of students who have come to them for a variety of reasons - to improve a second language, to prepare for language examinations, to meet professional job requirements, or simply to enhance their personal lives.

Whether you are a beginner or want to study at an advanced level, they have the perfect course for you, offered in a comfortable environment of your choosing. They know that enjoying a lesson leads to greater retention and more success for everyone, which is why they strive to make learning as engaging and interesting as possible.

They teach foreign languages to children (from 1½ year old), teens and adults. Teaching is uniquely provided by highly qualified and experienced teachers who have a real passion for teaching. 

They shall always be true to their motto: Learn with the professionals and reach your language goals quickly and effectively - Guarantee!


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Hong Kong
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