Hong Kong Music Academy

Hong Kong Music Academy

The Hong Kong Music Academy (HKMA) is a progressive and proactive music school that welcomes music lovers, offers professional coaches and provides quality performance platforms.


It was founded by director and chief conductor Ray Tsoi.

  • A place of learning (courses & lessons)
  • A place of experiencing (orchestra & ensemble) 
  • A place of enjoyment

HKMA is a place where you can realise your dream. It is where you can experience music with other music lovers. Here you can fulfill all your learning needs.


To nurture all-round, professional musicians with qualities that are internationally recognised.


  • To give students an intensive instruction in their musical disciplines 
  • To help students build solid music foundation 
  • To develop students’ team spirit and communication skills 
  • To support students in their professional development and lifetime learning 
  • To provide students with a high-caliber music education 
  • To offer students the opportunity to perform at the highest quality possible 
  • To facilitate the preservation, creation, application and dissemination of music knowledge


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