Sky Tour: Window on the Universe

Sky Tour: Window on the Universe

Have you thought of travelling around the world to enjoy magnificent starry nights?

Ticket holders of the Sky Show "Sky Tour: Window on the Universe" can sit back and relax in the Space Theatre to enjoy a world tour with spectacular landscapes and dazzling stars.  In addition to learning how the starry sky we see changes with latitudes, we will also leave our planet and travel through space to explore the true nature of the majestic Milky Way which arches across our skies.

The journey begins from Iceland where the aurora borealis flames across the sky. We will then move southward to North America and Hawaii.  With the Southern Cross and Milky Way as the background, we will visit Salar de Uyuni, commonly known as "Mirror of the Sky" in Bolivia, and take a look at the wondrous inverted image of the Universe reflected by this gigantic natural mirror. As we watch the aurora australis dancing above us in Australia and New Zealand, our wonderful itinerary comes to a perfect ending.

Following in the footsteps of "KAGAYA's Aurora", "Sky Tour: Window on the Universe" showcases enchanting sceneries of Earth and the Universe with melodious music.  Let's stay away from the hustle and bustle and be indulged in the breathtaking starry skies and stunning natural landscapes.


Image Credit: Hong Kong Space Museum


04–31 December, See the website for the opening hours.




Tickets from: 24 HKD



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