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I CAN READ Online English Course

I CAN READ Online English Course

I CAN READ online courses are real-time teaching, which is different from ordinary video classrooms. We use the online teaching platform to enable teachers to interact with students in real-time in the classroom. The course aims to provide teachers and students with an online platform, through virtual classrooms, to engage in personalized online learning.

Teachers prepare classrooms based on the unique digital teaching resources of I CAN READ, use the unique "blackboard" function of the platform to make interesting and vivid lesson plans, encourage students to interact, collaborate and learn, so that students can concentrate and enjoy online classrooms. Teachers will also interact with students through songs, games, activities and videos, which will help teachers to extend the philosophy of I CAN READ happily learning to online classrooms.

The activities in the classroom are both fun and interactive. These teaching activities will provide your child with a convenient and safe learning experience, sit at home, continue to study happily, and improve English skills.

  • I CAN READ Introductory Class (PRE2) | Level 2 | 4 years old and 4 years old + | 36 lessons in total
  • I CAN READ Introductory Class (PRE3) | Level 3 | 5 years old and 5 years old + | 36 lessons in total

I CAN READ introductory class (online course) is specially designed for pre-school children. The courses are 2 classes a week, each class is 45 minutes, aiming to let children between 4 and 5 years old come into contact with English as early as possible. Parents can also adjust the weekly lesson period according to the children's abilities.

  • I CAN READ Intermediate Class (RDG) | Level 1-6 | 6 years old and 6 years old + | 96 lessons in total

I CAN READ Intermediate Class (online course) is a one-year course, 2 lessons per week, 45 minutes per lesson, focusing on cultivating students' independent reading ability. The course uses I CAN READ's unique teaching system. Through weekly teaching and consolidation exercises in class, students will master a series of I CAN READ diacritical marks to master the ability to distinguish phonemes.

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