Kaleidoscope Workshops

Kaleidoscope Workshops

The Kaleidoscope Workshops conduct Personality Enhancing workshops by training in essential Soft Skills.


Soft Skills are the skills which help to understand and deal with people effectively. They also help in becoming productive and successful leaders and employees.

Some examples of soft skills are:

  • Social Skills: talking to new people, making new friends, helping others, participating in discussions.
  • Self Management: Controlling and Managing emotions(like anger, sadness), Accepting and following rules, Resolving conflicts with friends, Voicing his/her opinion, cooperating with others, focusing and listening skills.
  • Public Speaking.

The Kaleidoscope Workshops impart these essential skills at a young age for maximum effectiveness in the real world. Through fun and activities, workshops provide children aged 6-16, techniques for these life skills as a starting point for the lifelong learning of these very important and make children confident individuals.

Workshops are conducted under different Titles with activities like Art&Craft, Role play, videos and discussions!


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