KG Group

KG Group

To develop 21st century skills in bright, young learners by cultivating creativity, curiosity, and confidence through arts education.


Our changing and challenging world needs bright minds that thrive on solving problems creatively, curiously, and courageously.

KG Group’s diverse bespoke curricula, premium facilities, and highly qualified teachers nurture and equip future leaders with essential life skills and mindsets to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Kids’ Gallery

Kids’ Gallery provides an inclusive and inspirational international environment for harnessing children’s natural creativity and developing the critical thinking skills required for future success. Through a range of exciting courses – within the visual, communication, and performing arts – young learners develop the technical, socio-emotional, and artistic skills to become innovative and engaged participants in their own personal development.

Face Productions

Face Productions seeks to nurture confident performers who explore all aspects of performing and develop creative ways to express themselves. We deliver exciting productions and opportunities to audiences and performances across Hong Kong and beyond to achieve this.

Mills International Preschool

Mills International Preschool provides a stimulating and creative bilingual environment and curriculum framework, maximising individual potential and ensuring that students of all abilities are well equipped to meet the challenges of learning and life. At Mills, we go beyond teaching academic skills. We sow the seeds of socialisation, friendship, self-confidence, teamwork, respect, and gratitude.

Star English

Star English is dedicated to teaching native and non-native speakers English language skills. At Star English, we recognise that memorisation and rote learning are not enough to prepare your child for today’s competitive world. As well as technical language ability, Star English helps students problem solve, think critically, and communicate effectively.


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Summer Camps 2021

14 June - 29 August, See the website for the opening hours.

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