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Winter Workshops

Winter Workshops

  • Intensive Art Exhibition Project: Enchanted Landscape - enjoy the fun of fabric collage and tempera painting and make an enchanted landscape in a glamorous golden frame
  • The Magic Porridge Pot - an immersive storytelling experience where children will follow a magical story based on The Magic Porridge Pot. Meet the characters through the story, overcome challenges, work together, and learn different communication skills in new and exciting ways.
  • The Wizard of OZ - Join Dorothy and her gang on a journey along the yellow brick road, and bring the land over the rainbow onto the stage in a wizarding song and dance show. Indulge in the land of Oz with a blast of colours and design Dorothy's house with rainbow slime and glitter!
  • Narnia - get ready for a musical adventure with magical doors, mythical beasts, and a wicked sorceress offering some Turkish delight. Grow wizarding crystals and marvel at the world of rocks, gems, and minerals through drawing games and activities
  • The Princess and The Wizard & Bath Bombs - explore the celebrated story of The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson, and create your personal princess and wizard bath bombs to enjoy as they bubble and fizz!


  • Intensive Art Exhibition Project: Scenery Agamograph - learn to appreciate optical illusion and create an original scenery agamograph with acrylic and pastels.
  • Wicked - discover the untold story of the witches of Oz through song and dance in this musical theatre camp, and enchant the whole family with a gravity-defying musical performance.

  • Mythical Creatures: Dragons - write, create, and present your own story based on a mythical creature. Learn the tools to plan and structure prose, understand what the components of good writing are (theme, characterisation, rhyme, and grammar) and develop confidence in presenting your work.

  • Harry Potter & Potion Slime Aart - Wear your invisibility cloak and whizz through the magical trail of charms, spells, and secrecy while elevating your dramatic flair. Cast a spell and explore colour theories to make glow-in-the-dark slime in the most potent potion bottle.

  • Spectacular Magic Bath Bombs - This is magic spook-tacular! Enter the world of magic tricks and explore vocabulary and techniques that magicians use, while preparing for your own magic show. Explore the chemistry behind bubbly bath bombs and craft your own set with all-natural ingredients and an explosion of fragrances



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