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KidsFest 2020: Dr. Bunhead's Blast Off!

KidsFest 2020: Dr. Bunhead's Blast Off!

Get as close as you can to a rocket blasting off without actually blowing up!


Does your brain boil or get sucked out your ears if you go into space without a spacesuit?

Find out the answers to this and more in Dr. Bunhead’s latest joy-ride through the world of science. From rock banging to rocket blasting, discover how playing with fire took us from cave-dwellers to space travellers and why the first space venturers weren’t even human… were they aliens?

Featuring: the first hamster into space, exploding brains, stunt bananas and loads more…. 100% pure, live, scary science for kids.

For children aged 5 and above and their families.

The running time is approximately 65 minutes with no interval.

There is no minimum age for this performance and all audience members must have their own ticket.

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KidsFest 2020:


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