Little Bean's Toy Chest HK

Little Bean's Toy Chest HK

Where childhood is magical again


Little Bean's Toy Chest is a boutique Hong Kong-based toy store specialising in old-time classic toys that bring back the simple joys of childhood. No plastic, no battery-operated stuff, no gadget ... as we believe in protecting the earth, and that the simplest toys encourage the greatest imagination. 

Browse Little Bean's Toy Chest's collections of beautiful wooden toys and endlessly creative busy books.  Help your child discover the simple, unhurried childhood that reminisces yours when YOU were little ones.

Let the magical journey begin...

About the Store

Little Bean’s Toy Chest was started by a Hong Kong mom who loves to play. Against the many pressures of life in this city, she wishes to create for her daughter and other children an unhurried, magical childhood through simple toys that spark imaginations. Her collection is curated with special favor for open-ended, unstructured playtime, and a love for the earth – with organic, sustainable materials that make the toys last for ages. 

About the Brands

little miss workbench is an American brand founded by a mom in New York who initially made wooden toys for her own daughter as a hobby. Her beautiful wooden cameras are handcrafted using sustainable American hardwoods and all-natural sealants. They are simple, durable, eco-friendly, child friendly and powered by imagination. 

QToys is an Australian brand of high quality, safety-certified, educational toys for children. All Qtoys products are handmade with excellent craftsmanship, using plantation timber from recycled rubber trees, and finished with plant dyes and beeswax. This gives the toys the natural beauty of wood patterns while leaving natural forests intact. 

Creative quiet books are designed and hand-made in house by the talented team at Little Bean's Toy Chest. Using almost no plastic or synthetic materials, the toy books are a perfect platform to tell whimsical stories while encouraging interaction with the hands. We are continually experimenting with new themes and play ideas to expand the collection.


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