Little Mario's

Little Mario's will introduce your taste buds to the most incredible pizza you've ever tasted. Team of passionate food artists will create a masterpiece on your palette. 


The passion for food united all and has resulted in Little Mario’s being established by philosophy of dedication to quality, commitment and innovation.

At Little Mario’s by sourcing the finest ingredients they have formulated an array of pizza’s to entice everyone’s understanding of what good food is about. Pizza dough is made fresh throughout the day using only the freshest and finest ingredients, using no additives, not artificial flavors or preservatives. You will experience this in the taste.

Each kind of coffee bean they use is selected for its flavor, body and aroma characteristics. Raw coffee is among the finest in the world. Coffee is roasted to order, ensuring that it is always fresh. You can be supplied with a bag of freshly ground coffee for daily use.

Little Mario's present a divine selection of raw deserts. Made of only natural ingredients, no preservatives, no diary and gluten free. This is healthy and suitable for vegans as well.

Raw food is fresh, whole food that has not been refined, chemically processed, denatured, or heated above 118F (48C), so its nutritional content is preserved.

Raw food diet is health-promoting. It helps experience improved health and general well-being, weight loss, increased energy, improved digestion, prevention and reversal of disease, and a more positive attitude about life.

Make your healthy living delicious. Eat foods that heal. Eat for energy. Eat to live.

Little Mario's are there to serve you with real good quality food at affordable prices!


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Opening hours

Mon 12:00–21:00, Wed–Sun 12:00–21:00.


+(852) 5238 3195



Hong Kong
U01, 4th Floor, Camelpaint Bldg, Bk 3, 60 Hoi Yuen Road, Kowloon