Image Pro x Loupe Micro Film Shooting Project

Image Pro x Loupe Micro Film Shooting Project

Shooting a micro-film advertisement is the first pilot project of Image Pro and Loupe. Loupe's philosophy is to inherit craftsmanship and cultivate young jewelry designers and craftsmen, while Image Pro's mission is to explore the potential of young people and train young producers. We believe that young people have different ideas and talents. Through this collaboration, students' creations will no longer stay in imagination, but become an advertising production practice.

While the students were creating the script, Loupe assisted in arranging visits to a number of jewelry designers and craftsmen, so that students could understand what the designers thought and how they were creating. Students are also fortunate to observe the crafting process of making jewellery and jade polishing process, and get Loupe's professional technical guidance and provide jewellery and other props and venue borrowing during the shooting. This rare joint experience not only allowed the trainees to gain the experience of communicating with customers, the innovative thinking of young people collided with the solid experience of customers, but also unconsciously stimulated each other's touch and sparks.

Loupe and Image Pro also believe in creativity and potential. Through the encouragement of "dreaming", the imagination formed by connecting clouds of ideas will finally merge and converge in the same sky, allowing students to shine.

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25–29 October, See the website for the opening hours.





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