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Build your own Minecraft game controller

Build your own Minecraft pickaxe game controller and learn some STEAM skills!


Learn some fundamental Maker/STEAM skills by fabricating, wiring, coding and painting your own custom game controller.

In this course each student will get to build their own, fully working to USB HID standards, game controller that will work like a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad with fully customizable inputs. It has buttons, an analog thumbstick, and an accelerometer which let's you use tilt as 3 more control axes and even to bind a fast swing as an attack or "mine" action!

The circuit is simple enough for beginners to solder themselves (we'll teach you to solder as well) and the entire project is designed from the ground up to be based around easy to work with materials and basic tools so you can go on to modify it, or even use your knowledge to make your own, completely custom game controllers at home.

From 8yo onwards, no prior knowledge required

Schedule includes a 45mn lunch break. You are welcome to bring your own lunch.

Any questions, feel free to email or to message +852 5199 6126 (Whatsapp only)


Image Credit: Maker Bay




Admission: 1200 HKD ( )

Telephone number

+852 5199 6126 (Whatsapp only)



Hong Kong
#H508, 35 Aberdeen St Central