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Multimedia Theater "Grandpa's Paper Airplane"

Multimedia Theater "Grandpa's Paper Airplane"

Fly the paper airplane, pass the love by your side

Paper airplanes are the link between me and my grandpa, passing on our love for each other. One day grandpa disappeared! By coincidence, I was towed by a paper airplane, allowing me to find my grandfather. I want to stay with grandpa every day, how can I bring grandpa home?

Cantonese performance

  • 18/3 - 26/3/2023 | Cultural Activities Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall
  • Illustrated by Casie Wong

* 25% discount for limited-time drama seasons, 20% discount for parents and children, and discounts for basic ticket purchases apply

^  Season episode point card repertoire

show schedule

  • 18/3 (Saturday) 3pm, 7:45pm
  • 19/3 (Sun) 3pm
  • 24/3 (Fri) 7:45pm
  • 25/3 (Sat) 7:45pm
  • 26/3 (Sun) 3pm


Image Credit: Ming Ri Institutie for Arts Education




Fee: 185 HKD

Telephone number

+(852) 3761 6661



Hong Kong
| Cultural Activities Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall