Mini Dalton

I am not led, I lead


Mini Dalton Playgroup prides itself on being a personalised, fully bilingual programme designed to support the ‘whole child’. The school motto ‘I am not led, I lead’ runs through the core of the programme to support children and their introduction to the Dalton Plan, giving them the independence and confidence to grow and learn in a positive and nurturing environment.

Through five different levels, children are provided with enriching and stimulating setting in which to explore creativity and individuality through hands-on discovery and learning experiences. They understand that for children to feel comfortable in their environment they must be given opportunities to discover it. At Mini Dalton Playgroup, activities take place in specially designed rooms in order to facilitate children’s learning and growth. Native Putonghua teachers, native English teachers and specialist teachers work as a team to support children’s multi disciplinary learning needs. Through different activities, children are guided in either language to give them a fully immersive experience.

Mini Dalton Playgroup is designed to support all areas of child development and offers an inclusive family environment, providing parents and care givers with strategies for learning both at school and at home.

The programme incorporates the following areas:

Developmental play, group time, sensory exploration, creative arts and imaginative play, music and movement, active play, physical development, snack time and story-telling.

A one adult-one child ratio ensures that class sizes remain small and family oriented.



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