Ewi team has been marketing the same kind of products to the USA and Europe for more than 30 years. as always, our products comply with the internationally recognized safety standards and meet or exceed our customers‘ quality expectations. In recent years, various theme party sets are getting popular in overseas countries, whereas we are the first mover of theme party sets in terms of production and marketing in hong kong.
  In 2019, we established our brand – partydroid which promotes arts and creativity. We work with local illustrators for the designs in order to offer the party sets and relative items which are trendy and in vogue. We hope we can promote our hong kong designs and ideas. What’s more, with the theme party sets and the relative items, we hope we can strengthen the inter-relationship of modern people who get used to living in the isolated and glass-walled internet world.
Furthermore, we hope our theme party sets can develop the party culture, and nourish the filial piety among the children and youngsters, and cultivate the friendship, and help people leading a harmonious, satisfying and happy life.


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