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2020 Summer Coding Camp

2020 Summer Coding Camp

Summer holiday is arriving soon, it’s time to plan for kids’ summer activities.


We offer a series of coding camps for students aged 3.5 to 16+. Let’s have fun this summer!

We guarantee a 1:4 teacher-student ratio for all of our classes. A high disinfection standard is maintained as well.

  • Cubetto (Age: 3.5-4.5) - Learn Coding without Screen. Cubetto is a lovable wooden robot, whom shall bring the youngest group of kids to their very first wonderful journey of coding, fostering their interest in exploring the world of unlimited possibilities. Through exploration, experiment, application and development, our little ones shall achieve all-rounded personal development while having fun learning the basics of computer programming.

  • ScratchJr (Age: 4.5-6) - Create Animation with iPad. ScratchJr allows young children to learn the concept and basic sequence of coding. Just like playing jigsaw puzzle, complicated programming scripts are simplified to coding blocks. Coding is done by dragging the blocks together correctly in sequence; the characters can then follow the commands of the codes to make up an animated story.

  • Neuron (Age: 5.5-7) - Work with Electronic Blocks. With Neuron, our children will be able to take a big leap forward in their journey to code, and learn the logic of the computational language. Neuron classes make use of electronic blocks to teach the importance of logical sequencing in programming. While playing with the blocks, and learning the different uses and functions of them, our young creators shall explore the unlimited ways of applications.

  • MIT Scratch (Age: 7+) - Create Animations and Games. With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

  • Minecraft Modding (Age: 8+) - Change the Minecraft World with Coding. “Modding is just another word for modify”. Have you ever played Monopoly and changed the rules a little, to speed up the game? Then you already have experience in modding! Minecraft is not the first video game to be “moddable”, but, until recently, modding was only truly accessible to professional computer programmers who have the skills to write complex code.

  • Roblox (Age: 9+) - Design the First Roblox Game. Roblox delivers students innovative learning experience, exposure to coding and understanding of real world gaming system and programming language. The whole Roblox course takes students through all the functions of the gaming system, understanding the programming language Lua, and encouraging them to design every single detail of the game with what they have learned throughout the whole course. At each stage, students will individually complete a unique game, conversing their knowledge into a practical game.


  1. Tsuen Wan Centre: Grand City Plaza
  2. Kowloon Bay Centre: Telford House
  3. Shatin Centre: Kings Wing Plaza 2, Shek Mun


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