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I Can Cook (CK4) @ SPRING

I Can Cook (CK4) @ SPRING

Make healthy choices for life


The programme takes young children on a sensory journey to discover new tastes, textures and smells of different foods. Little Chefs are given plenty of opportunities to practice their language, motor and cognitive skills through participation in food preparation and play activities.

  • empower children to complete tasks on their own or in groups
  • challenge fine motor skills with recipes that require a range of techniques while building  confidence in the kitchen
  • encourage healthy food choices by cooking delicious and nutritious food
  • highlight concepts related to food such as food science, weights, measurements, food  culture and geography


To enrol, please visit SPRING centre where you will be guided through registration formalities.  Should you have an enrolment enquiry, please call +(852) 3465 5000 or


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Fri 16:30–17:45, Sat 13:30–16:15.




Fee: 3760 HKD (8 classes)

Telephone number

+(852) 3465 5000



Hong Kong
3/F, Centre Point 181-185 Gloucester Road Wanchai, Hong Kong