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Mandarin @ SPRING

Mandarin @ SPRING

Early mastery through an immersion environment!


Mandarin is a content-rich programme designed to help 1-5 year old children develop their Putonghua skills by listening to, processing and practising the language through singing, story telling, role play, arts and craft, physical activities, logic exercises, word recognition and more.

For younger toddlers, classes feature inspiring songs and imaginative stories tied in with each lesson theme. Topics relate vocabulary to a child’s surroundings experienced in daily life and include reinforcement of important concepts such as respect and attitude. Toddlers reaching 18-36 months are further exposed to techniques that assist with word recognition and taught the Pinyin phonetic system. Role-play activities follow story time to help contextualise and deepen understanding of underlying themes.

In the 4-6 years programme, students progress towards having the ability to read age appropriate stories on their own using Pinyin, formulate words into full sentences and improve their skills in character writing. Themes such as social etiquette and creative thinking are explored in greater depth and form the basis of a dialogue between students and teacher.


Developed and taught by Ms Tina Lau, a native Putonghua educator with 10 years’ teaching experience who holds a Beijing Language and Culture University Foreign Language Education Qualification (北京語言大學對外漢語教育學歷), a National Putonghua Proficiency Test – Level 1 certificate (國家普通話一級證書) and accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation in Putonghua (香港評審局普通話評審優秀等級), Mandarin@SPRING aims to offer an immersion environment that is essential for early mastery of Putonghua.

Class description

12-18 mnths – 50 mins

  • Inspiring songs that relate to each lesson theme
  • Imaginative stories presented in an interactive and lively manner
  • Introduce topics that relate vocabulary to daily life and a child’s surrounding
  • Reinforce concepts of good morals, respect and attitude

18-24 mnths – 60 mins

  • Employ techniques to assist with word recognition
  • Learning and practising the Pinyin phonetic system
  • Arts and craft, role playing activities to deepen understanding and contextualise stories
  • Exercises to develop skills in mathematics and logic

2-4 yrs – 60 mins

  • Introduce Chinese poetry and poetry songs
  • Introduce technique to enhance memory and Chinese word recognition
  • Introduce the difference between initials and finals and practice correct sentence structure
  • Use fun gross motor and fine motor games to encourage peers to communicate in Mandarin

4-6 yrs – 60 mins

  • Formulate words into full sentences and engage in dialogue
  • Basic command of the Pinyin phonetic system with ability to self-read
  • Exercises to enhance character recognition and writing skills
  • Deeper exploration into themes such as social etiquette, daily life and more

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Wed 14:15–17:30.



Telephone number

+(852) 3465 5000



Hong Kong
3/F, Centre Point 181-185 Gloucester Road Wanchai, Hong Kong