Therapy with Jessica

Therapy with Jessica

Hello,  I'm Jessica!

I am an online contemporary therapist  working with young adults free themselves from anxiety and improve their well - being. I have a genuine passion for helping each client improve their lives. I believe that to do so starts by establishing an authentic connection with you. Our connection is my first priority in counselling. 

My style of working with you feels more like having a trusted teammate or friend to bounce ideas off of together. I am someone you can come to when you feel the need for an empathetic ear, to help you get unstuck, or gain clarity on challenges life may have momentarily thrown at you. We will work together collaboratively  and you will receive skillful support through the rough times, and have a cheerleader celebrating the victories with you during the up times.

Therapist for Millennials

Are you someone who earns a living yet misses to really live?
Are you someone whose life seems complete on the outside yet you feel some void on the inside? Or, are you someone who has that high-profile job yet low self-worth? Or, do you feel out of place, unheard and lost in the noise of the pressure that comes with adulthood?

With fast-paced jobs, high career expectations, long-working hours and the drive to excel, several millennials suffer from higher rates of burnout and anxiety pangs than other generations. 

This is where I help. When you work with me, you will experience renewed confidence, calm, and enthusiasm for life. You can count on me to help you get you there, with my  individualized approach to counselling.

If you are ready to take this step for yourself, let's talk to see if my coaching is the right fit for.


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