Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Limited, operating under the brand name "TurboJET", is the recognized leader in the Hong Kong-Macau high-speed passenger transportation industry.


It is the first to provide round-the-clock jetfoil service and has over 50 years of shipping experience.

TurboJET is unequivocally the strongest high-speed vessel fleet within Asia. All vessels, accessories and parts used are masterworks from prestigious ship builders guaranteeing the highest level of reliability and performance. FoilCats and FlyingCats are products from the Norwegian vessel manufacturer, Kvaerner PTE Ltd. TriCats are designed and manufactured by FBM Babcock Marine in the UK; while Jetfoils are from the renowned Boeing Company. PS-30 Jetfoils are from the productions of Shanghai Simno Marine Ltd and AustoCats are manufactured from Austa l Ships Pty Ltd.


Image Credit: TurboJet





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