Reading Dogs

Reading Dogs

Reading to a dog helps children relax into reading, open up, try harder and have fun reading


The specially chosen, child-friendly, extremely calm dogs are the perfect reading companions.  They don’t judge or correct, they allow children to read at their own pace and they’ve proven to be a calming influence on a class. The dog’s temperament, obedience and patient nature is of utmost importance to us, each and every dog we work with has been assessed and been awarded a certificate of suitability and a clean bill of health.

Reading Benefits

  • Studies show that reading fluency has increased between 12-30% in children after participating in reading dogs programmes
  • Gives children extra practice with reading and oral skills
  • Some children feel reading becomes less difficult and become more confident reading aloud
  • Reading to dogs has motivated children to read more at home, especially to their pets
  • Children want to try and read more difficult books as they go through the programme
  • Children feel more confident when answering reading related questions​

Emotional Benefits

  • Children enjoy the programme and think it’s fun. They look forward to coming to the library because they feel the dog is waiting for them.
  • Children feel comfortable reading to dogs because dogs don’t judge them if they mispronounce a word.
  • Petting dogs can help with motor skills and are known to be a calming factor as it can reduce stress, blood pressure and anxiety
  • Children often feel safe when sitting with a dog from the programme
  • Reading to dogs can boost the confidence of struggling readers and gives them an increased sense of pride
  • A child can feel like a leader by reading aloud and pretending (s)he is the teacher

Social Benefits

  • Children learn to take turns while waiting to read to the dog
  • Children can learn kindness and empathy by petting and interacting with the dog
  • Communication skills can be improved by practising reading aloud
  • Participants enjoy communicating with each other and talking about the session, the dog and the book they read


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