Chinese New Year 2018 in Hong Kong: CNY Family Guide

Published 16 January 2018 at 00:05

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Chinese New Year 2018 in Hong Kong: CNY Family Guide

Hong Kong is getting ready for its most vibrant and spectacular festival: Chinese New Year celebration. In order for you and your loved ones to have the best experience of the colurful festivity Tickikids has picked a must-do list for families.

Chinese New Year Parade 2018

Credit: video of Hong Kong

When you hear Chinese New Year, the first thing to pop up in your imagination is most probably the picturesque parade. And Hong Kong is by right the best place in the world to enjoy it. What to expect this year? On the night of February 16th you will witness a performance by acrobats, marching bands and traditional Chinese dancers all coming together to make this International Festival breathtakingly eye-catching. Make sure to have your camera ready so that you can relive the memories with your family later on! The streets of Tsim Sha Tsui will be filled with live music and international troupers, as well as illuminated floats representing different countries. The outdoor party attracts locals and tourists in huge numbers admiring the lion dancers and colourful dragons. Kids will be thrilled to become a part of splendid magical show. You are welcome to follow the root of the parade or alternatively buy a ticket (at Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Center) to observe it from the stands. 

For those with younger kids, an option of Pre-show Street Party might be more convenient, as it starts earlier, at 6 pm, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the festival, while still following your toddler’s typical daily schedule.

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Magnificent Fireworks in Hong Kong

Credit: photo of Wikimedia

On the 17th of February you will observe the famous fireworks, that are an integral part of the celebration. The sky turns into a vivid display of colours and lights for more than 20 minutes. Traditionaly the fireworks are believed to scare the evil spirits away, it's time for joy and fun and only positive emotions! What is the best place to enjoy the view? Iconic Victoria Harbour gathers crowds of people to admire the beauty of the event, you might choose Victoria Peak or Ocean Terminal Rooftop Car Park or even the Harbour Cruise boat (if you prefer to stay away from the crowd) as your perfect location to watch the show.

Disneyland: Chinese New Year Show

Credit: photo of Disneyland

Some of kids’ favourite places offer special shows and events for the whole time of the festival. Disneyland will pay extra attention to the beloved dog characters, it’s year is coming, so rush for good luck and plenty of fun to the Goofy and Pluto kingdom! Among other CNY specialities you’ll find the themed food in its numerous cafes, bright traditional red and gold decorations of the venue and a variety of themed toys and presents.

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Ocean Park: Lucky New Year

Credit: photo of Oceanpark

The all-time family favourite is welcoming visitors to the feast of joy and colours. In 2018 you'll have a chance to soar into the first VR roller-coaster, an experience not to be missed by all means! The Lunar Lucky Woof Garden and Chinese New Year float will provide you with the opportunity to get amazing family pictures, you can also ask for good luck and happiness in the coming year from the God of Fortune. What else is there? The Ocean Park prepared for huge celebration: a parade, drum zone availiable for kids to try their skills and modern lion dance. Everything is ready for an unforgettable visit!

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New Year Flower Market

Credit: photo of Wikimedia

The Lunar New Year Flower markets create a spirit of merrymaking with their exuberant and aromatic display of blooms to kick off the Chinese New Year celebrations. Kids and adults will be carried away by the beauty of flowers and plants symbolizing good luck for the upcoming New Year. The market will traditionally start one week before the New Year. You’ll have plenty of things to see and experience while purchasing your perfect gifts or decorations, including the delicious treats and Year of Dog themed souvenirs.

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Lantern Carnival in Hong Kong

Credit: photo by Pixaby

The Spring Lantern Carnival, held on the last, 15th day of the Chinese New Year, culminates the celebration. You can admire the embellished lanterns, Chinese folk songs, traditional opera and dancing and even give a try at solving the lantern riddles! The shapes and sizes surprise the visitors with their variety year after year, with the Dog being the symbol of 2018, expect to come across many representations of the man’s best friend. Take your family to Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza by the Water Pools to become a part of the show.

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