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STEM / Coding Easter Camps 2024

STEM / Coding Easter Camps 2024

Discover our 4-days long STEM and Coding Easter Camps!  


Our camps offer an exciting Easter break where students can delve into the realm of robotics, unravel the magic of 3D design, and embrace the language of the future with coding. The highlight? Our ChatGPT course invites kids to converse with AI, unlocking a world of digital storytelling. Each session is crafted as a stepping stone towards mastering technology!

  • All our courses are taught in English

 The courses offered are: 
    i) STEM and Coding: Introduction to STEM (Age 6-9)
    ii) Coding: Scratch for Beginners (Age 7-11)
    iii) Design & Engineering: 3D Inventions Tinkercad (Age 9-12)
    iv) Coding: Artificial Intelligence Basics (Age 10-14)
    v) Future Tech: Generative AI & chatGPT (Age 10-14)


Image Credit: Blueinno Technology Ltd.




4-day camp: 3300 HKD (per student)

Telephone number

(+852) 55405257



Hong Kong
Room 906, Summit Insurance Building, 789 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong