Hong Kong Dolphinwatch

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Ltd has been operating ecological tours to see the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in Hong Kong since 1995.


Join Hong Kong Dolphinwatch on one of tours and enjoy a day out with these beautiful pink dolphins!

Founder for Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Bill Leverett had three goals in mind:

  • to raise awareness of the plight of the pink dolphins,
  • to give them an economic value by helping them contribute to the tourist economy, and
  • to generate revenue for research and campaigns.

Each trip includes a talk on the environmental situation, and passengers are given handouts with information on how they can help the dolphins.

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch specialize in running trips to see the pink dolphins in Hong Kong every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday throughout the year though schedules are subject to change. Generally, trips are scheduled in the morning but additional trips in the afternoon or occasionally on Saturdays or other days of the week may be offered.

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4-5 hours (approximately 3-4 hours at sea depending on dolphin sightings, sea conditions and traffic).

If you have any questions, contact Hong Kong Dolphinwatch by phone, which is attended to on each and everyday of the year.

Opening hours: Wed 08:50–14:00, Fri 08:50–14:00, Sun 08:50–14:00.


Image Credit: Hong Kong Dolphinwatch 

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Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dolphinwatch 1528A Star House Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Hong Kong SAR, China PRC

How to get there?

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch is located within easy reach by bus, MTR and Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon