Another look at “The Dragon and the Eagle” and “The Silver Age”

Another look at “The Dragon and the Eagle” and “The Silver Age”

2020 is a challenging year for Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

We have been contemplating how best to practice social distancing while presenting our maritime heritage, Hong Kong harbour and global shipping stories to the public, in an entertaining yet informative way. With the implementation of a new online exhibition platform, we hope our latest exhibition titled “Return!” will provide you with a safe and enjoyable visitor experience. Visitors can now enjoy our amazing exhibitions both in our museum and anywhere around the world.

We sincerely invite you to view our newly-interpreted exhibitions, “The Dragon and the Eagle” and “The Silver Age”, to gain an in-depth understanding of the stories behind global maritime trade. Visitors are welcome to immerse themselves in these fascinating trading tales and legends with music, artefacts and interesting multimedia campaigns in the Long Gallery.

It’s only a quick step from the museum to the online exhibitions! We hope visitors from all walks of life will experience an unforgettable visit, explore their horizons, and always learn something new at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

    • “The Dragon and the Eagle” online exhibition: Click here!
    • “The Silver Age” online exhibition: Click here!


Image Credit: Hong Kong Maritime Museum


5 December 2023 - 31 August 2024, See the website for the opening hours.







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