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In the age of information and communication technology, many students are learning Coding and creating a wide variety of computer and smartphone applications. Through understanding science and technology to enhance learning motivation, the courage to try, continuous efforts, with innovative thinking, love science, development director. From the process of learning to create success and satisfaction, and more confidence to meet the different challenges of the future!

I Can Code's curriculum design focuses on Computational Thinking in computer programming. By learning computer logic, architecture, organization, analysis, abstraction, space and other thinking methods, I Can Code masters the knowledge of digital creation and science and technology. They carefully crafted five major project courses for different age groups, each supervisor teaches up to 6-8 students.

Now the world has been very different, to make your child and the future development of the world, the first step by coding computer programming to begin!

Coding. Science. Robotic Engineering. 3D Printing. Web Design. Apps DIY


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