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(Parent-child Class) Black Sesame Mochi • Mango Mochi x Local Sponge Cake Class

(Parent-child Class) Black Sesame Mochi • Mango Mochi x Local Sponge Cake Class

The signature texture and mouthfeel of mochi is one of the flavourable delicacy among the local crowds. The rich flavor of black sesame is perfectly filled by the velvety glutinous rice wrap, which creates a touch on the chewy side. Besides the black sesame flavor, we also have the seasonal hit – “Mango Mochi”, which is made of fresh and juicy mango, with the perfect harmony of the wrap and filling, to bring a more tenderly chewy taste.

As one of the popular tea time snacks in our childhood, each sponge cake diffuses rich buttery flavor, blissfully soft and great taste of this bite-sized treats are simply irresistible! Kee Wah Studio proudly presents Black Sesame Mochi•Green Tea & Red Beans Mochi x Local Sponge Cake Class, a workshop to let you and your kid to enjoy the nostalgic taste of the delicious sponge cake together, and at the same time, to create your own mochi. Come and join us with your kids to experience the class without any failure moment!

1. After completing the class, participants will be taking 4 Black Sesame Mochis, 4 Mango Mochis and 24-30 Local Sponge Cakes.
2. Some ingredients will be shared with other students in the class.
3. Each student of the parent-child class can bring along a child aged 4-15 to attend the class.



Image Credit: Kee Wah Studio


25 May, 15:30.




Per class: 530 HKD

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+(852) 2343 8106
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(Monday to Friday) 09:30 – 18:00 (except for lunch hour 13:00-14:00 and public holidays)



Hong Kong
2/F, 188 Queen's Road East, Wanchai

How to get there?

By subway: Take Exit D from Wan Chai MTR station and walk for 5 minutes.