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Camp Asia Winter Camps

Your children won't find a better place in Hong Kong to spend their holidays. 


You couldn't hope to find anywhere as engaging, convenient and safe ... and offering as much variety as what we offer in our holiday camps under the guidance of expert faculty.


10% Early Bird Discount until Nov 20


  • Camps for Ages 4-7 :

​​1. STEM EXPLORERS - The camp offers exciting activities such as science experiments, 3-D design, robotics, and coding that will challenge and engage young minds. From building robots to coding, our campers will be exposed to the latest in STEM education. 

2. Multi-activity (AM/PM/FULL DAY)) Each day features various activities taught by experienced faculty, including art, drama, storytelling, movement, athletic games, science and more. With five weeks of different themes, your child will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities. 

  • Camps for Ages 8-10:  

​1. ART & DESIGN II - Your child will learn new design techniques while experimenting with a wealth of materials so they can use texture and colors to let their imagination run wild!  

2. BASKETBALL - Learning basketball fundamentals, developing their skills, and understanding the rules and theory. Mini-games and competitions will test each player's skill level and athletic endurance.

3. CODING II - Using your imagination combined with the builder tools in Microsoft’s Code Connection platform for Minecraft, students will hone their creativity while exploring fundamental coding concepts through block-based programming to not just build amazing structures and contraptions, but build their spatial and logical thinking skills, as well.

4. SCIENCE & TECH - Using a variety of technology and natural resources, your child will experience the wonderful world of science, coding, robotics and more. This camp experience allows your child to get hands-on with engaging experiments to ignite their curiosity and their horizons using a design-based thinking model under our resident innovation experts' guidance. 

5. MULTI-SPORT - This camp will focus on various sports such as basketball, soccer (football), rugby, and more to keep your young athlete engaged. Suitable for all skill levels, this camp will focus on building gross and fine motor skills, teamwork, and fundamental skills, and of course, will have lots of action!

  • Camps for Ages 11+:

1. ART & DESIGN III - Children will refine their skills while learning new art techniques and genres while exploring a wealth of materials at their disposal. Your child will spend their week designing amazing artwork by blending various media to create infographics, posters, logos and more. 
2. CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS - Each day your child will have a variety of fun activities including drama games, improv, video editing & publishing, music and more!  Learning new communication skills has never been more fun!  
3. INNOVATION EXPERTS - This hands-on activity-based camp experience allows your child to explore the latest in coding, robotics, and more using our state of the art resources. 
4. MULTI-SPORT - This camp will focus on various sports such as basketball, soccer (football), rugby, and more to keep your young athlete engaged.


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Half-day camp from: 2900 HKD (10% early bird discount until 20Nov)
Full- Day Camp from: 5300 HKD (10% early bird discount until 20Nov)

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