The Spanish Academy Hong Kong

The Spanish Academy Hong Kong

At The Spanish Academy, our mission is to provide the best quality Spanish courses to any learner.


We offer interactive Spanish courses for students of all ages. We bring a special focus on developing efficient learning modules for kids and teens. Do you want your kids to learn a new essential language? Do you want to travel to a new Spanish-speaking country with them? Or you want them to achieve the best results at their Spanish exams? You have come to the right school. 

In all our group and private classes, we offer an efficient and fun learning experience for your kids. All based on the main pillars for the assimilation of this wonderful language: 

  • Small groups. Our group lessons will not take more than 7 students. Small groups are key for interacting and practicing the language. Your kids will make the most of their learning.
  • High interactive lessons. Given the small number of students per class, all lessons focus on interaction. We use Spanish as the teaching language for real language immersion. Due to a limited exposure to the language when in Hong Kong, you want their classes to be as enriching as possible.
  • Native qualified teachers. Choose only qualified teachers. Only true professional educators understand how to teach your kids. They also know how to adjust the teaching materials to every single student's needs.
  • Founded by teachers. It is the way we understand a school should work. We are proud of being the only Spanish language center in Hong Kong founded by both Spanish teachers. Thus they can provide the best solutions to any student's learning request.

You can always come for a free trial or assessment had your kid learned some Spanish before. Stay in touch and feel free to contact us anytime.


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