TickiKids Guide for Kids in Hong Kong 
TickiKids Guide for Kids in Hong Kong 

The “Perfect” Parent Trap
There was a time when I had a vision. The Vision of a perfect parent. For me, a perfect parent was like Bond. You know, James Bond. Cool and sophisticated, always ready for any eventuality. I was ready to be this Bond parent. During pregnancy, I read any material I could lay my hands on, on parenting. I was confident I knew every trick and technique of the parenting world. And then I became a parent...
Enriching Xmas Break in Hong Kong: Go-To Holiday Camps
 We have rounded up some catching holiday camps your kid will adore! They offer different activities, various locations but always a lot of fun, communication, entertainment, and learning!
The Ultimate Christmas Gifts Guide
Creating a Christmas shopping list can be a time-consuming task. Especially in the case if you want to make useful, interesting, and unique gifts to delight your nearest and dearest. We scouted shops and found some unique, creative, and original gifts that will impress anyone!

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