5th Anniversary Celebrations: Realm of Trance: Tian Hacks the Coffin

5th Anniversary Celebrations: Realm of Trance: Tian Hacks the Coffin

Philosopher Chuang-tzu testing his wife has been a popular story for the operatic performances throughout China. This rendition is most similar to the Peking Opera interpretation, with the wife, Tian, as the protagonist, telling her experience through five scenes.


Utilising the smaller theatre, the tale is told through the three types of character with the four key performance techniques.


The three performances offer different endings. Along with the iconic tragic versions, Estrangement and Repentance, this presentation also offers a more delightful finale, Reconciliation, in which Chuang-tzu regrets testing his wife and reconciles with her in his transformed identity.


Post-performance artist sharing on 17 March 2024 (Sunday).


Creative Team
Producer: Susanna Cheng
Artistic Director: Law Ka-ying
Music & Singing Advisor: Lau Kin-wing
Playwright & Production Director: Annie Chow
Music Leader, Design and Arrangements: Suen Dik-fei
Percussion Leader: Chan Ting-pong
Wardrobe and Props Co-ordinator: Dennis Cheng
Stage Manager: Florence Wong


Susanna Cheng
Hong Hai
Chloe Chan Hei-yu
Wong Ho-yau
Ancid Chan
Deng Haipeng
Kelvin Au
Lo Shing-lung
Xixi Chan


The Image Credit: West Kowloon Cultural District


15–16 March, 19:30
17 March, 14:30.




Tickets $420, $350: 0 HKD



Hong Kong
Tea House Theatre, Xiqu Centre