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Final Call: 929G

Final Call: 929G

Premiered in 2019, the musical Final Call 929G received great reviews for its captivating plots, amusing lines and meaningful story, illustrated by a selection of moving Cantopop songs. Produced and presented by Boom Theatre and Rainy Apple Theatre, Final Call 929G will be staged at the Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District from 15 to 24 September 2023, featuring actors Frankie Chan of MIRROR, Johnny Hui, Fung Chi Yau, and art director cum actress Siulung Wong. Produced by Tom Chan, directed by Tang Wai Kit, scripted by Jim Hui, with Edgar Hung as musical director and supported by the finest local production team and live band, this heartwarming and enthralling musical is destined to create a major sensation.


Artistic Team:

  • Producer: Tom Chan
  • Producer and Artistic Director : Siulung Wong
  • Cast: MIRROR’s Frankie Chan, Johnny Hui, Siulung Wong, and Fung Chi Yau
  • Playwright: Jim Hui
  • Director: Tang Wai Kit
  • Music Director: Edgar Hung


The Image Credit: West Kowloon Cultural District




Tickets from: 380 HKD (to 780)

Telephone number

+(852) 2200 0217



Hong Kong
Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre West Kowloon Cultural District