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Kowloon City Art Festival

Kowloon City Art Festival

Co-organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District and Kowloon City District Council, and programme partner 1a space, “Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon” is a community engagement event to be held on 23-24 February 2019 at the Art Park of West Kowloon Cultural District.


This free event with lots of activities will feature six components ranging from “Large-scale Eco-friendly Installation and Open Stage”, “Public Art Exhibition”, “Parent-child Interactive Workshop”, “Art Market”, photo exhibition “The Past and the Future of Kowloon City", and “Mini-Artbook Fair".

Large-scale Eco-friendly Installation and Open Stage

There will be an eco-friendly large-scale installation and open stage at the central area of the festival to create an environment with visual and audio enjoyment. Audience can have direct interaction with the installation. Open stage will be a free outdoor music event with a lineup of local performance groups and young musicians.

Public Art Exhibition

Local artists are invited to create sculptures, installation or multimedia artwork based on the theme “Memory of City” in order to emphasize the characteristics of Kowloon City and WKCD via arts.

Parent-child Interactive Workshop

Inspired by the history and heritage of Kowloon City District, 6 interactive and family-friendly workshops will be conducted at the festival. It aims to promote the cultural and historical character of Kowloon City District through creative practices and enhance the creative spirit of the West Kowloon.

Interactive workshops include:

  • Cube City Creative Workshop
  • Co-creating Landmark of Kowloon City - Brick Art Workshop
  • Nostalgic Zinc Iron Mailbox Workshop
  • Remake Kowloon Walled City Workshop
  • Recycle Water Bottle Airplane Takeoff
  • Wings - Carpentry Parent-Child Workshop

Art Market

Art market presents a unique experience for idea exchange and shopping for local talents to showcase their designs and handicrafts.

Mini-Artbook Fair

To promote reading and artist book culture, artist books would be showcased and related activities would be held in the Mini ArtBook Fair, sharing the joy of creating through art and reading.

The Past and the Future of Kowloon City Photo Exhibition

Kowloon City is a district where the old is being transformed into the new. Numerous cultural and historical stories remain under the Kai Tak Airport, the streets, the half-century-old Tong Laus and the Cattle Depot Artists Village in Kowloon City. The Past and the Future of Kowloon City Photo Exhibition will showcase the historical and the recent photographs of the landmarks in this unique area. By emphasising the similarity and difference of the Kowloon City and West Kowloon, participants could deepen their understanding to these fascinating districts.​

Guided Tours

Guided Tour: History and Culture of Kowloon City. Tour around the festival and share heritage and community stories of Kowloon City District and the urban development of Hong Kong in this 45-minute guided tour.

Outdoor Yoga

Looking for new ways to connect with your children or partner? Join us for an outdoor partner yoga workshop supported by Yoga GOM and learn simple yoga poses for two while you take in the beautiful scenery of the Art Park and the refreshing sea breeze.

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Telephone number

+(852) 2200 0217



Hong Kong
West Kowloon Cultural District, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, HK

How to get there?

West Kowloon Cultural District is located at the Yau Tsim Mong District and is bounded by Canton road in the east, the Western Harbour Crossing entrance and Austin Road in the north and Victoria Harbour in the west and south.

Getting here is simple as it is easily accessible by MTR, ferry, bus and road.


  • Exit from MTR Kowloon Station Exit E4 or E5, walk through Nga Cheung road and cross the footbridge, you will reach West Kowloon Cultural District within 10 minutes.
  • Exit from MTR Austin Station Exit D2, followed by a 20-minute walk to the West Kowloon Cultural District. However, due to road works around Austin Station, we strongly recommend you to choose other routes. 

By Bus

  • KMB: Take bus route No. 215X261B281A or 215P and get off at the Austin Road West bus stops, followed by a 5-minute walk to the West Kowloon Cultural District; for route No. 811280X or 203E, get off at the Nga Cheung Road bus stops, followed by a 10-minute walk to the West Kowloon Cultural District.
  • Cross harbour bus (via Western Harbour Crossing): Take route No. 904905914930934935948,962B962X967968969970970X971or 973 and get off at the toll plaza bus stops of the Western Harbour Crossing, followed by a 5 - minute walk to reach the West Kowloon Cultural District.

By Minibus

  • Green minibus: Take route No. 77M and get off at Austin Road West, followed by a 5-minute walk to reach the West Kowloon Cultural District; for route No. 26 or 74, get off at the Kowloon Station Public Transport Interchange, followed by a 15-minute walk to reach the West Kowloon Cultural District via MTR Kowloon Station or Lin Cheung Road.

By Car

  • There is an hourly-rated carpark at the West Kowloon Cultural District. During the peak periods on weekends and holidays, visitors are suggested to use public transport or park your cars in nearby carparks (Kowloon MTR station or Elements).

By Taxi

  • There is a designated drop-off point exclusively for taxies.