Technical Arts Festival 2022

Technical Arts Festival 2022

Technical Art Festival invites experts from various backgrounds and professions, working together for technical arts development from new perspectives and creation of experimental works, with the purpose of promoting and exchanging ideas on stage design and technology.

Technical Arts Festival 2022 : Exhibition
Co-curated by Lawrence Lee and Allen Tsui, the exhibition will exhibit the creative and experimental process of the showcases, including sketches, videos, props, creative logs, unformed experiments, concept maps etc. The exhibition will give audiences a glimpse into the creative processes and behind the scenes.

Wong Chi Yung, cross-disciplinary artist and curator is invited to present his work "An Odyssey of Light", which is a large-scale light installation project. This artwork is created as an artistic response toward his research on light and human emotions. Wong begins his creative journey by questioning and investigating the fundamental properties of light, such as color, intensity, rhythm, form, direction and movement could affect our emotion, mindful ability, introspection?

  • Cantonese and English



Image Credit: West Kowloon Cultural District


16 July, 14:00–20:00
17–24 July, 10:00–20:00.







Hong Kong
Foyer, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District