Singapore's Best Indoor Playgrounds

Published 18 October 2016 at 00:00

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Singapore's Best Indoor Playgrounds

Get ready for a lot of fun!

TickiKids present you the list of the best indoor playgrounds for babies, toddlers and kids in Singapore. Come rain or shine, these play centres are waiting for your little ones offering a variety of interactive, challenging, enjoyable learning and playing experiences.

Aquarius Cove Indoor Playground

Credit: Photo of Aquarius Cove Indoor Playground

Have a day of fun or celebrate a birthday party at a wonderful ocean-themed indoor play centre full of bouncy castles, pits, slides, gyms and tunnels. Free entry and unlimited time of playing for babies under 11 months is available on weekdays. 

Busy Tables Playground

Credit: Photo of Busy Tables

Spend quality time with your kids in a pleasant and safe environment. Interactive tables and a variety of learning and exploring opportunities is a great platform for kids aged from 0 to 5 to develop their motor skills and logical thinking, enhance their communication with peers. Here kids learn through playing, doing, exploring, thinking and seeing. Check out TickiKids review on Busy Tables playground.

Fidgets World

Credit: Photo of Fidgets World

A unique indoor playground manufactured by the world leader Playtec comprises 3 thrilling and challenging zones suitable for children of all ages. In addition to an open-ended play, kids will immerse in arts&crafts, decoration and baking workshops. Fidgets World has something to offer for parents as well: they can chill out in the cafe with free wifi.

Go Go Bambini

Credit: Photo of Go Go Bambini

It is an active alternative to video games and TV comprising indoor playscape with 4 challenging levels, venue for parties, safe toddler area, preschool enrichment programmes and in-house cafe. 

Happy Willow

Credit: Photo of Happy Willow

Let’s enjoy a day with your little ones at the enchanting playgarden! You can choose from two locations: Happy Willow One-North and Happy Willow OneKM. Kids can immerse in reading at Book Burrow, a role-play in Play Pen and take part in creative learning workshops and Montessori programmes. 

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Kaboodle Kids 

Credit: Photo of Kaboodle

This unique place founded by a mother of three helps children develop their social and cognitive skills through the play with the giant foam blocks. Just have fun, there are no rules! 

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Let 'em Play

Credit: Photo of Let'em Play

The first indoor kids-friendly high element obstacle course in Singapore invites visitors to join the fun! Equipped with age-appropriate climbing walls, play areas and obstacle courses, this playground offers a motivating and challenging experience for your little ones. The highlight of the center is Augmented Reality Wall, the one and only in Singapore. What’s more to this place? Your child can participate in a robotics workshop or have a wonderful birthday celebration here. Have a look at TickiKids review on Let'em Play to get more details.

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Little Planet Playland

Credit: Photo of Little Planet Playland

A kid-sized world of a creative and imaginative role-play features 6 themed stations such as a market place, a farm, a cafe, a fishing area, a forest maze and a castle role-play area. Suitable for kids up to 12 years old, Little Planet provides a realistic edutainment environment. 

Playeum, Children's Centre for Creativity

Credit: Video by by AKA Asia Singapore

The first kids' centre for creativity that includes different creative spaces makes a perfect platform for children to ignite imagination and nurture creativity! Suitable for children 1-12 years, the Centre offers hands-on experiences, workshops, exhibitions and storytelling sessions.

The Polliwogs

Credit: Video of Polliwogs

All the two branches of Polliwogs are the perfect venues for crafts, games and storytelling. Check out TickiKids review on Polliwogs!

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Changi Airport Playgrounds


Credit: Video of Changi Airport

Changi Airport offers families much more than great shopping and plane-spotting. Playgrounds with diverse entertaining and educational activities are open for everyone aged from 1 to 12. You have a choice of 4 different locations, ensuring to cater for all tastes and interests. And during each and every school break your little ones can participate in a number of age-appropriate amusing events!

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Pororo Park Singapore

Credit: Video of Pororo Park Singapore

Pororo and his friends are waiting for your kids to plunge into atmosphere of joyful learning and play at the largest themed indoor park in Singapore! The fun attractions include a train ride, storytelling sessions presented by kids’ beloved characters, craft classes and much more. You can have your kid’s birthday party here with lovely invitation letters sent to all the guests beforehand. Our Test Patrol moms have shared their personal experience in TickiKids review on Pororo Park.

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Kidz Amaze Indoor Playground

Credit: Photo of Kidz Amaze

Enjoy a day of playing adventure for the whole family at the largest indoor playground in Singapore! Kidz Amaze provide a great combination of safe fun and edutainment. These themed interactive soft play centres offer exciting activities to develop coordination skills. Kidz Amaze present three different playgrounds: at SAFRA Jurong, at SAFRA Punggol and at SAFRA Toa Pay, all conveniently located and guided by friendly staff. Fancy a birthday party for your loved ones? Just book one of their party rooms and make this day for your child unforgettable. Check out TickiKids review on Kidz Amaze!

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