Best Cooking and Baking Classes for Kids in Hong Kong

Published 21 May 2019 at 21:29

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Best Cooking and Baking Classes for Kids in Hong Kong

Baking, cooking and working in the kitchen are not something Hong Kong kids have access to in their everyday lives. Of course, knowing how to cook may be not considered by modern Hong Kong parents as important as being good at math, coding or languages. However, we shouldn’t forget that this skill makes a kid much more independent and can have positive influence on a child’s eating habits. Moreover, learning to cook and bake can be an exciting and enriching experience for your little ones, letting them explore the world of tastes and smells, giving them knowledge in math and science, challenging their problem-solving skills, making them work as a team and, of course, giving them that special pleasure of tasting the fruit of their labour!

TickiKids has rounded up the very best baking and cooking classes for kids located in Hong Kong.

Kids' Cooking Hub

For learning how to cook baked bolognese, grilled bacon plum skewers, crispy chicken fingers, caramel banana galette, baked chocolate pudding or strawberry cheesecake, look no further than Kids’ Cooking Hub with its fantastic array of summer cooking classes for kids and parents. The master chefs and enthusiastic team are behind this cutting edge centre sharing their culinary wisdom. Providing children with hands-on experience, developing age-appropriate culinary skills and healthy eating habits obviously takes centre stage here. So what better place to immerse your kids in various culinary delights? You can watch your little chefs work their magic or, instead, actively join them to brush up your own culinary skills. Special mention must go to the inclusive cooking classes for children with special educational needs, such as kids on the autism spectrum, which take place twice a month on Sundays from 10.45am - 11.45am. Check out the upcoming sessions on 2nd and 23rd June 2019.

Some of their family-friendly courses and a festival run during the summer only such as the Father's Day Special on 16th June 2019, so it’s more than worth a visit. Unlike the considerably popular occasional cookery classes and workshops, Kids’ Cooking Hub goes far beyond them and opens its grounds to a more sophisticated audience this summer, hosting the Summer Kids' Cook Fest 2019 from 7th July to 28th August. Parents and those aged 4 - 13 can team up to cook Vietnamese shrimp roll, apricot almond cheese puff, macaroni & cheese, mini Oreo chocolate cake, deep fried tuna balls, and be sure to try caprese stuffed portobello. What is the best point yet? If you cannot find a class that suits your child's schedule but still fancy cooking alongside the chefs this summer, consider booking a private class for your family and friends. All you have to do is round up at least four kids and choose a convenient time slot.

Be sure to avoid going home hungry, as the children are allowed to take home their delicious endeavours. Book ahead to ensure a place!

Contact details: +852 5548 0180,;

Address: Unit 607 Welland Bldg 368 Queen's Road Central Sheung Wan HK.

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Kee Wah Studio

Perhaps you’ve heard that no one does Hong Kong traditional pastries better than Kee Wah Bakery. Located in a historic grade III-listed house with an adorable balcony and expansive corridor perched in an idyllic setting at Queen's Road East in Wan Chai, their affiliated Kee Wah Studio aims to preserve traditional Hong Kong culture and allows families with kids to experience the fun of pastry-making.

The masterminds behind it all are their exceptional chefs, working miracles in the spacious and comfortable kitchen equipped with high-end culinary utensils. The menu of the family-friendly classes changes according to the time of year, but a recent summer season kicked off with the Chocolate x Green Tea Mini Turtle and Black Sesame Mochi • Mango Mochi x Local Sponge Cake classes. That’s why we’ll be heading to Kee Wah Studio this June, where families with kids aged 4-12 will learn how to make cute mini turtle buns and create your own mochi inspired by a nostalgic taste of the delicious sponge cake.

Families can take home everything they make on the day. In other words, be environmentally friendly and bring your own container and tote bag.

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The Mixing Bowl

At this one-off location, hosted by Kyle Giesbrecht and Victor Lo, The Mixing Bowl team breaks down the process of making wholesome bread and cakes packed with nutrients and free of nasty additives. They offer a diverse range of courses, for both kids and adults. Each class provides a more in-depth introduction to baking skills and techniques, tips and tricks for those who want to get to grips with dough making, including measuring, mixing, kneading, shaping, rolling and cutting. It’s particularly good for children aged between 6 to 9 and teenagers over 10 years old, offering five-day and three-week-long Junior Baker Summer Camps. From 24th June to 26th August 2019 your kids will have the options of a morning camp or afternoon one, both of which offer up 3-hour hands-on classes run on a weekly basis from Monday to Friday. The fee includes a light home-baked snack plus coffee or tea.

During the 15 classes, students cover topics such as World Kitchen, Cooking Essentials, Healthy Eating, Food Science, Cook to Impress. Through a glorious combination of chef demos and hands-on baking sessions, students put their technical skills to the test to create dishes such as Fusilli pasta and cheese cake, Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) and chocolate mousse, Thai Lap Mu (pork salad) and Challah bread, Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) and madeleines, udon and macarons.

Best of all, your little bakers will take home everything they make on the day, get the recipes via email, so they can recreate their new signature dishes at home.
Is this the best family-friendly cookery school in Hong Kong? There are many who’d say yes.

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TownGas Cooking Center

Established in 1977, Towngas Cooking Centre has promoted the joy of flame cooking to inter-generational customers for 40 years! Besides providing cookery classes for parents and their children, Towngas Cooking Centre also stages the Cooking Competition for Hong Kong secondary students. They use the interactive teaching methods to acquire basic culinary knowledge to in-depth cooking skills. Towngas KIDchen is equipped with cooking tables with adjustable heights for young kids and Fun to Cook service for youngsters, so members of all ages enjoy cooking.

Over the summer school holidays, join Towngas Cooking Centre team for the annual cooking events. If you appreciate a dose of Portuguese cuisine as part of a healthy diet, consider the Excellent Parent Cooking Course run on Sunday 16th June 2019. During the course, kids and dads can get stuck in learning how to create three mouth-watering Portuguese dishes such as Minchi croquette, African chicken and Portuguese seafood soup. Pure heaven.

For truly dedicated young cooks, the Towngas Cooking Centre has designed Cooking cum Eco DIY workshop held at Flame at Towngas Avenue over July 2019. This year’s edition will feature masterclasses on how to make puppy German cookies, little seal red bean dumplings, chicky donut and yellow soldier banana tiramisu. Through the interactive activities, participants can learn the basics of food knowledge and treasure of the Earth.

Your toughest decision this summer will be choosing which one to go for with kids.

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By Anna Khan

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