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Curiosity Kids Offers Science Themed Party Packages for Children age 3 – 10 years old!  

Hands-on activities are tailored to the appropriate age range and include all the right fun science equipment and materials including lab coats, goggles, test tubes and more!

  • Ultimate Slime
  • Volcano Explosions
  • Bath Bomb Bonanza
  • Personalised Perfume
  • Harry Potter Potions

Party can be personalised on request

Pricing (1 hour session, per child):

  • hkd275 - up to 10 kids
  • hkd250 - 11 – 20 kids
  • hkd220 - 21 – 30 kids
  • hkd 180 - 30+ kids
  • Minimum charge $2200

Transportation charge extra HKD 200-300

By confirming a party package with Curiosity the parent/caretaker agree that Curiosity holds no liability of any damages to the children, parents, caretakers/guests or the property where the party is held.

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Each Child is unique & at CURIOSITY KIDS, each party is unique too! Pick your own combination of 2-3 activities to build a custom 1-hour session.

* If you have another activity or theme in mind, contact us to make it come alive!


VOLCANO EXPLOSIONS! - Our most exciting experiment! Each child creates their own volcanic eruption in a test tube using ingredients that can be found in any kitchen. This experiment introduces the concept of chemistry and how a reaction takes place when you add two different things. We add food color to our volcanic eruption to make it look like Lava! A great way to get them started for the party! Recommended for ages 3+

WALKING WATER! - This experiment seems to defy gravity and get the little curious minds wondering how is this happening. And as we always say..."there's science behind it!" Children explore and observe how water moves through different mediums. We introduce how primary colours can be mixed to make a completely different colour. Recommended for ages 4+

CATAPULT! This is a simple physics experiment teaching children how stored energy can be used to throw objects far away! We share the history of the catapult as effective equipment during ancient times and how it makes a great toy for kids to experiment how heavy and light objects behave when pushed from the same catapult. Children are super proud of their creation's and love playing with it during the party and later at home. Children will make their own catapult at the party to bring home. Recommended for ages 3+

MAGIC COLOUR EXPLOSION! During this experiment children discover they can make beautiful colourful patterns by a simple chemical reaction. This experiment explains that milk which is made up of water also contains proteins and fat, and fat and protein molecules behave differently when introduced to a household chemical. Children use different colours to make these patterns and enjoy watching them unfold! Recommended for ages 3+

COLORFUL OIL BUBBLES! This experiment is visually the most exciting as children will form a layer of oil and add small droplets of colored water on top of that layer. It looks beautiful. This experiment beautifully explains how oil is lighter than water and how oil and water molecules don't mix (they are not friends!). This experiment also gets children to concentrate to get those beautiful droplets gently land on the oil! Children will use their magnifying glasses to see these bubbles nice and big. Recommended for ages 5+


ULTIMATE SLIME PARTY! - The most wanted experiment of all - Slime! Children will learn how to make slime using simple ingredients. They will also explore how using ingredients in different quantity can make the slime’s consistency very different. Recommended for ages 5+

PERSONALISED PERFUME PARTY! - Our smelliest party! Children will have fun making their own fragrances in test tubes, like the top perfumeries worldwide.  We use natural scents - rose, lavender and more- for them to find their signature notes. Perfect for the pickiest of party goers! Recommended for ages 4+

BATH BOMB BONANZA! - With so much time at home lately, we are adding this special activity to make the most of your tubs! Children will learn about chemistry and mixing elements of different mediums to create a bath bomb. The science lesson continues at home for bath time as they learn about chemical reactions!

BATH OIL INDULGENCE! - Our most relaxing offer- the Bath Oil Indulgence is a variation of the personalized perfume party. We use different liquids to see the density of water versus oil. We then take natural elements and use it to scent the oil to be taken home. This is another perfect takeaway part favour, as children can continue to enjoy their bath oil at bath time!

1- HOUR ACTIVITIES - HARRY POTTER POTIONS! - Join us as our potions teacher takes your wizards and witches through a full potions class. We do chemical reactions for the most tricky of situations. We have specially sourced the finest magical ingredients including powdered owl eggs and phoenix hearts. House robes are provided but bring your own wands! For the troublemakers, we end the class by making Fireworks toy from the famed wizarding shop Zonkos! A
party take-home!

We also offer 1.5 /2 hour party options

All science materials will be provided for the party. Transportation cost extra (estimated HKD 200- 300). Host to provide tables/chairs and a trash bin for the party.

     Health Declarations must be returned prior to the party. If the party is cancelled due to COVID, we will reschedule it at a mutually
acceptable time and date. Please let us know of any cancellation or rescheduling of the party at least 48 hours in advance. We will use the fee paid as credit for any future classes/parties. If the party is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance all fee paid
will be forfeited.
    In case of T8 or black rain we can reschedule the party to a mutually acceptable date. No refunds will be given in the case of T3 or Amber rain (and below). All fees paid are non refundable.
     Fees must be paid before the party: 50% at the time of booking +  remaining 50%  2 days  before the party (once you confirm the number of children)
Please note no equipment shall be taken by children, all equipment is for the use at the party only and needs to be returned.
    Any pictures taken during the class can be used for Curiosity classes’s marketing and social media. If you have any objection to this please notify us by
an email to
    Children’s safety is very important to us and we make sure to take all necessary steps for that. Please note Curiosity, Kids will not be responsible for any injury caused to the child or any adult during the class. Curiosity, Kids will not be responsible for any damage caused to the house/venue where the class is being run.
    Food allergy notification: We usually use Citric acid, Vinegar, baking soda, glue, food colouring in the party experiments

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27 July 2023 - 31 August 2024, See the website for the opening hours.




Pricing (1 hour session, per child): 275 HKD (up to 10 kids)



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